12 Sites of Christmas

Instead of creating a unique, festive website of our own for the holidays, we’re living vicariously through these wonderfully designed and developed sites. If you’re trying to kill some time before your holiday break (that is, if you get one), here’s a good way to look busy. Happy holidays from Superbig!

1) Snowflake Creator

2) Your Royalty-Free Happy Place

3) Track Santa

4) Merry Pixmas

5) A Mobile Snow Globe

6) Polish Christmas Guide

7) Create Your Own Stocking

8) Merry Christmallax

8) Lego Holiday Card

9) Seasons Tweetings

10) Why You Love Christmas

11) A Holiday Ice Luge Game

12) Who’s Your Santa?

Nike World Cup Typefaces

If you’ve been catching any of the 2014 FIFA World Cup action from Brazil lately, chances are you’ve noticed a standout name or two written on the back of a jersey. This system of identification has long been used to help referees and fans distinguish players on the pitch, however it has increasingly become part of the overall kit design. For this summer’s tournament, Nike paid particular close attention to this detail. In collaboration with renowned designers Wim Crouwel and Neville Brody, Nike designed a set of custom typefaces that represent the essence of each country’s culture. Designboom sat down with Stu McArthur, design director at Nike Football, to discuss some of the details that went in to creating these unique typefaces. Check out the full interview here.

Intern Stories Vol. 1

Zach Sankey, our 2013 design intern brought us a fresh copy of WWU’s “Intern Stories.” It’s a cool little book the students published that outlines their unique workforce experience during their junior internships. It came out really well. Thanks for bringing us a copy.


It wouldn’t be ‘Juvenile’ for us to put a 90’s rap song on our thumb drives, would it?


Excited to share the refresh of the Checkbox logo, brand and website. Have a look here. 

Spooky Spirits

Hope we didn’t trick you with our twist on these exclusive labels for Boocardi’s Puertofreakin’ Rum & Jack O’Lantern’s Monster Mash Whiskey. Every once in a full moon it’s nice to step away from the day to day grind and indulge in a little booooo-zin. We thought we’d use Halloween as our excuse. So we dressed up a couple of classic spirit bottles for the SuperBar with some satirical labels just in time for our annual Halloween party.