The Letter Shaping Game

To all of you type enthusiasts out there, here’s the game for you. Created by Mark MacKay for Method of Action, Shape Type presents you with a mis-shaped character and challenges you to adjust several bezier handles until you’ve smoothed out its curves and corners just right. Its amazing use of the canvas element in HTML5 allows it to replicate Adobe Illustrator’s vector editing environment in a web format, enabling easy manipulation. When you think you’ve adjusted the letterform to perfection,
your letter is compared to the original and you’re given a score based on their similarities. Not only is it a test of you typographic prowess, but Shape Type also gives you a brief type history lesson by listing the typeface name, the type designer and the¬†year
it was released. Go ahead, give it a try! And if you enjoy this game, be sure to also try its predecessor, Kern Me.