It wouldn’t be ‘Juvenile’ for us to put a 90′s rap song on our thumb drives, would it?


Excited to share the refresh of the Checkbox logo, brand and website. Have a look here. 


Redbull Helmets at X-Games

It’s always fun to see produced work on T.V! Check out Bobby Brown and Sebastien Toutant reppin’ the Superbig Redbull helmets at the 2013 X-games. We’re glad to see them in action, especially with stunts like these.

We’ll also throw in one from this summer’s X-games at Tinges.


To keep the creative mind from locking up, creatives alike will consistently find themselves deep in design blogs, pin boards and tumblr feeds in search for insight and inspiration to the industry. It actually might be why you’re here right now.

As a source of my daily inspiration I find myself visiting, now known as Graphic-exchange is an online venue  with an abundance of design related awesomeness. Every so often I find myself surprised at what I find. Even today I found that the host, Fabien Barral, created an e-book that featured our brand identity for Palomino Restaurant. This e-book is filled with a selection of projects throughout 2012. You can download the e-book from his site for a small donation.

Random act of cupcake!?!

Good Reason #01 for being a Seattle resident: Getting “Cupcaked”. It’s true, we were “Cupcaked” today. It was most definitely unexpected and really quite awesome to say the least. The very generous folks at Cupcake Royale chose us for their random act of cupcaking. Apparently they choose a group of people they admire and deliver free cupcakes. It’s almost too good to be true. So as a Pioneer Square safety precaution and because technically the cupcakes are kind of from strangers, we made the intern eat one first. Just playin. Thanks Cupcake Royale! The packaging and gift set was also very nicely designed. Looks like we’ll be paying it forward soon.


Super Great Toilet Keeper

About a year ago, Japanese toilet company TOTO created a motorcycle that runs on human waste ( it can talk too – weird). TOTO’s back again this year with an even more ridiculous product – a poop-powered soccer goalie. This toilet can actually block shots from some of the world’s best players. With the help of two high-speed cameras on the goal posts, the SGTK captures, analyzes, and predicts where the ball is going in under 0.1 seconds. A powerful spring then shoots a second ball out of the toilet bowl to deflect the first ball. If you’re having a shitty day (excuse the pun – I had to) then I recommend watching the video and browsing the website for a laugh.