It wouldn’t be ‘Juvenile’ for us to put a 90’s rap song on our thumb drives, would it?


One of South Lake Union’s finest establishments. Keep an eye out for more photos coming soon or check out their new website we designed here.

Jones Jumble Winter Edition

These fellas are going to be featured in an new book titled Illustration and Design in the near future. While prepping the files for submission, we decided to have a little fun by making them jumble around.

Redbull Helmets at X-Games

It’s always fun to see produced work on T.V! Check out Bobby Brown and Sebastien Toutant reppin’ the Superbig Redbull helmets at the 2013 X-games. We’re glad to see them in action, especially with stunts like these.

We’ll also throw in one from this summer’s X-games at Tinges.

A “Superbig” Holiday Card

Since a few of us have already fallen off the resolution bandwagon, this post is a little belated, but we wanted to share it anyway. This holiday, we decided to send our clients and friends a larger dose of festive cheer than usual so we created an extra large holiday card to show just how much we care. Get it?… a super big card. We like to think of it as something for all their other holiday cards to look up to. As for mailing it goes, you know what big cards mean… superbig envelopes. We hope you all had a wonderful holiday! Wishing you the best in 2013!

‘Bottleware’ – Upcycled Coca Cola Bottles

Since 1916, Coca Cola has maintained a close eco-friendship with the earth by recycling their iconic bottles. The bottles are collected, cleaned, and reused time after time, but eventually the bottles deteriorate and their lives as Coca-Cola vessels must come to an end. That’s where Japanese design firm nendo comes in. In collaboration with Coca Cola, Nendo has given new life to these retired bottles by creating lovely bowls and dishes that retain the greenish-blue tint, dimpled base, and distinctive lower shape of the original bottles. Take a closer look at this beautiful example of upcycling here.