Damn Good. Damn Right.

Superbig was recently featured in a new book, Damn Good, for a few projects. We’re still waiting for our copy, but a favorite designer/blogger/author, David Airey, posted a preview on his site. Thanks, David.

“Brimming with inspiration, Damn Good highlights the favorite work of designers around the globe, showcasing their best and most passionate projects. This unique and diverse collection challenges the status quo and typical industry boundaries, and also contains the stories behind the work — in the words of the creative teams who designed them.” — FROM THE BLURB

The book was created by Tim Lapetino and Jason Adam of Chicago and LA-based design firm Hexanine, and published by How Books. Nice work guys.

The 50 things every creative should know.

I’ve continually come across this very relevant blog and decided that it too was my turn to share. Many of these topics will likely resonate with with a seasoned creative’s routine and #the50 does a good job of briefly examining some of these truths. If you’re a young hopeful fresh out of the gate, this post  will probably be more than insightful. With that in mind, we’re always looking for talented and passionate people, if that is you then please refer to topic #11 in the post.


Just when you thought winter was over, we’ve decided to bring it back (ok, only in the virtual world). Superbig Creative just helped the 18 year-old snowboard phenom Sebastien Toutant create his first personal website and identity. Working in conjunction with Seb’s management agency, Superheroes Management, as well as his top sponsors, we created a world-class showcase for Seb to share his experiences with fans. With exclusive news and video content, an impressive photo gallery on and off the snow, sebtoots.com is bound to keep you browsing longer than you thought you would. What’s more, the site is offered in both French and English in consideration of Seb’s Quebecois roots. Here’s some advice, check out his triple cork video — it’s mind boggling! We believe Sal Masekela says it best: SEB TOOOOOOTS!


With a little help from a 24ft Uhaul we finally opened the doors to our new location in Pioneer Square. If you haven’t heard, we’ve taken over Pioneer Square’s legendary nightlife hotspot once known as the Fenix Underground. Although our interior intentions will steer from its past, we’ve decided to keep the bar along with a bit of its history. Stay tuned, Superbig tap handles and coasters coming soon!