Spooky Spirits

Hope we didn’t trick you with our twist on these exclusive labels for Boocardi’s Puertofreakin’ Rum & Jack O’Lantern’s Monster Mash Whiskey. Every once in a full moon it’s nice to step away from the day to day grind¬†and indulge in a little booooo-zin. We thought we’d use Halloween as our excuse. So we dressed up a couple of classic spirit bottles for the SuperBar with some satirical labels just in time for our annual Halloween party.

Random act of cupcake!?!

Good Reason #01 for being a Seattle resident: Getting “Cupcaked”. It’s true, we were “Cupcaked” today. It was most definitely unexpected and really quite awesome to say the least. The very generous folks at Cupcake Royale chose us for their random act of cupcaking. Apparently they choose a group of people they admire and deliver free cupcakes. It’s almost too good to be true. So as a Pioneer Square safety precaution and because technically the cupcakes are kind of from strangers, we made the intern eat one first. Just playin. Thanks Cupcake Royale! The packaging and gift set was also very nicely designed.¬†Looks like we’ll be paying it forward soon.

Superbar: All Chalked Up.

What happens when a Creative agency named Superbig and athlete management company named Superheroes share a legendary residence in Pioneer square formerly known as the Fenix Underground? Well, we resurrect the bar of course. And we’re not sure why, but the name Superbar just seemed suitable. It’s always nice to step away from the screen and put those traditional hand skills to use. After the chalking comes the stocking, so stay tuned.

New Pong Table

To all of you table tennis enthusiasts, keep an eye out for our first annual ping pong classic here at Superbig. One of our very own just took 1st place in a local tourney, so please bring your best game.

Superbig New Years 2011

Happy New Years folks. The first party at the new studio went great. We got a bunch of people together to help break in the new space with us. The whole group got in the spirit, taking advantage of a fully stocked bar in a prime downtown location. All in all it was a great night with good friends, laughs, and even a head injury. Luckily the SB medical staff was on the scene with plenty of ice and compassion:) We are already exited to throw the next Superbig party, so stay tuned. Hope your holiday was as good as ours. Photos by Andre Kivijarvi.