12 Sites of Christmas

Instead of creating a unique, festive website of our own for the holidays, we’re living vicariously through these wonderfully designed and developed sites. If you’re trying to kill some time before your holiday break (that is, if you get one), here’s a good way to look busy. Happy holidays from Superbig!

1) Snowflake Creator

2) Your Royalty-Free Happy Place

3) Track Santa

4) Merry Pixmas

5) A Mobile Snow Globe

6) Polish Christmas Guide

7) Create Your Own Stocking

8) Merry Christmallax

8) Lego Holiday Card

9) Seasons Tweetings

10) Why You Love Christmas

11) A Holiday Ice Luge Game

12) Who’s Your Santa?

A “Superbig” Holiday Card

Since a few of us have already fallen off the resolution bandwagon, this post is a little belated, but we wanted to share it anyway. This holiday, we decided to send our clients and friends a larger dose of festive cheer than usual so we created an extra large holiday card to show just how much we care. Get it?… a super big card. We like to think of it as something for all their other holiday cards to look up to. As for mailing it goes, you know what big cards mean… superbig envelopes. We hope you all had a wonderful holiday! Wishing you the best in 2013!